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  • Call Auditing Made Easier

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  • Healthcare

    When medical care or advice is provided, recording these calls between healthcare practitioners and patients can eliminate replication and/or false claims made by patients.

  • Finance and Collections

    The current financial industry operates and abides by various government related regulations.

  • Outsourcing

    Voiztrail Recorder can help you transform into a world class outsourcing service provider. Every call that your agent handles can be recorded and monitored for a perfect delivery that your client needs.

  • Safety and Emergency Services

    Voiztrail Recorder is a best fit voice interaction management solution that fits the call recording needs of all emergency and public safety services.

Need for Call Auditing and Recording Solution

Companies and organizations have now started gaining immense benefits from using call auditing and recordings. In simple, call recording has becoming a mandate for many other reasons such as legal, compliance and customer service, combined with making the audit function on these recordings will increase the quality of the processes, your agents and eventually the organization. This is why a call auditing solution should function beyond just recording calls. Due to the regulations currently in place, businesses face a high level of competition. However VOIZTRAIL will aid in providing outstanding customer service which can help your company stand out from the rest. Businesses and organizations of all sizes depend on call recording solutions for various reasons including performance monitoring, training support, improving client service, regulatory compliance and managing disputes. VOIZTRAIL Call Auditing and Recorder can encompass all of your needs. Give us a call to know more about the solution that will keep the non-compliance at bay.

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