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VoizTrail Speech Analytics Solution for Public Safety and Emergency services

Timely, crystal clear and informed communication plays a vital role in public safety and emergency services (i.e. 911 operators). These sectors rely heavily on operators’ communication as they are under immense pressure due to the nature of emergency situation. Every single call carries with it an urgency which the agent must handle with competence, understanding, and speed. The agent must be calm in stressful situations while simultaneously directing the right kind of help to the right location and providing sufficient directions to the caller until help arrives. Call Auditing allows playback and recording of important audit notes which can substantially elevate the quality of training provided to agents.

VoizTrail Speech Analytics Solution is a first-rate voice interaction management solution that meets the needs of most emergency and public safety services. This easy-to-use interactive system will allow Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP’s) to be more effective and efficient by categorizing the calls. Emergency centers receive numerous calls, but without a proper mechanism to analyze the calls, it is difficult to further investigate the problem. It helps the user to categorize calls by specific type or keyword, and to locate the calls quickly based on searched content. The system is adaptable, affordable, and built to offer a near-real-time recording and retrieving solution to public safety and emergency services. Now, you can instantly playback a recorded call without having to download it.

VoizTrail users are provided with a visual search tool which helps to unearth all recorded calls related to it. Secured storage keeps critical recorded data protected at all times. VoizTrail Speech Analytics Solution provides a user-friendly platform for call analysis and audit, which is critical for training operators and improving performance and response quality.

Benefits of Voiztrail in the public safety and emergency services industry
  • Comprehensive Call Auditing Solution
  • Important metrics provide understanding of operations at a deeper level
  • Bird’s eye perspective of total call traffic vs.true emergencies
  • Complete call recording and retrieval solution
  • Call archival with encrypted storage
  • Innovative and user-friendly options
  • Quick analysis of performance and service quality
  • Reductions in liability
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