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VoizTrail Speech Analytics solution for Outsourcing

In today’s rapidly growing economy, businesses increasingly consider outsourcing their Customer Service Call Centers to keep pace. Outsourcing is the best way to bring down cost and effort while boosting response quality. This is precisely the reason why there is an need for prompt and well-executed call auditing practices. Outsourcing vendors face the challenge of dealing with a variety of industries, but streamlining agents’ responses and maintaining compliance are as important as ever before.

VoizTrail’s exemplary speech Analytics solution can help you transform your business into a world class outsourcing service provider. Every call your agent handles can be monitored and analyzed using VoizTrail to help your outsourcing business realize the high standards set by your clients. VoizTrail offers remarkable features that help you to spot target metrics like First Call Resolution, Quality of Service, Average Call Handling Time and Sales Performance. VoizTrail is an affordable and scalable voice interactive solution that helps you to be the best and cost effective outsourcing partner.

Benefits of VoizTrail
  • Comprehensive, robust, and intuitive Call Auditing Tool
  • Useful metrics to help you make informed and game-changing decisions
  • Improved Agent Productivity
  • Secure storage coupled with easy and fast retrieval
  • Cost effective solution helps you bid competitive rates to your customers, which in turn generate a improved ROI curve for you
  • Ability to constantly improvise the performances and meet the SLAs
  • Call Auditing Outsourcing – This unique service grants you a generous competitive advantage over your business rivals.
  • User-friendly, responsive design to ensure ease of use.
  • Easy-to-manage admin system and simplified interface for creating roles and hierarchies
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